Community Fund

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Since the setup of the Trust each year between £10,000 and £15,000 has been awarded to many Cumbrian projects. Generally each grant is around £150 - £250, then allowing many grants to be gifted. Several of the projects supported receive an annual grant, applied for each year resulting in some well established relationships.

The giving is to represent giving back to the community in which Dobies businesses have thrived for over 50 years. Staff, customers, suppliers have all supported Dobies and the Trust is a vehicle to repay that support and distribute money back into the community with maximum impact, where the need is greatest.

Sarah Newton receives applications via the Dobies website form, direct to her email or by writing to her at the Lillyhall Business Park. The criteria to guide the direction of giving is to smaller community based organisations delivering at the heart of the community. There have been donations to national charities but only on the condition the money is spent in Cumbria. Please look at the past beneficiaries to gain an insight into the wide variety of organisations supported.