• Boxer Van

Boxer Van

Discover the Peugeot Boxer van: spacious, economical and versatile vehicle that is easy to handle.
Equipped to provide a durable response to the needs of business users, the Peugeot Boxer van is like a comfortable office on the move.


 Features and benefits


Wide access comes as standard on the Peugeot Boxer van , with rear door opening angles of between 96° and 270°, for easy loading and unloading.

Swing doors of up to 2.03m in height, with a best-in-class load width of 1,422mm.

To make life even easier, the load sill is among the lowest on the market, at between 493 and 602 mm. It may vary by 14 cm with the addition of the optional pneumatic self-levelling suspension.

The Peugeot Boxer van offers one of the widest choices of gross vehicle weights, based on two separate ranges:

  • The Light range: comprising four levels of payload: 328 (2.8 tonnes), 330 (3.0 tonnes), 333 (3.3 tonnes) and 335 (3.5 tonnes);
  • The Heavy range: 435 (3.5 tonnes).

The Peugeot Boxer van range comprises eight different body styles, depending on the length, height and version selected. Load volume varies with each option, from 8 to 17 m³, placing the vehicle on a par with the best in class.

To maximise load space, the Peugeot Boxer van features an optimised floor width between wheel arches of 1,422m, ranking among the best on the market. The maximum width inside the vehicle is 1,870m.


  • A new programmable cruise control/speed limiter function lets you enter a setting to maintain or limit vehicle speed;
  • Standard ESP with Hill Descent Control, an optional function linked to intelligent traction control. This function lets the driver maintain a constant speed of below 18mph and keep the vehicle under control on a muddy or gravelly slope with a gradient of at least 8%, without touching the accelerator or brake;
  • Load Adaptive Control adapts ESP to the level and distribution of the vehicle load. It keeps the vehicle on course in critical situations;
  • With the tyre pressure monitoring function, each wheel is equipped with a pressure sensor to identify a puncture or loss of pressure;
  • Lane Departure Warning System, reads the road continuously using a camera positioned above the interior rear view mirror;
  • A windscreen sensor is used for signal recognition as well as to switch automatically from high to low beam when the Peugeot Boxer identifies a vehicle travelling in the opposite direction.


Our latest Peugeot Boxer van has gained a new front end, underlining its contemporary, robust looks:

  • New large bumper for maximum protection
  • New bonnet with prominent lines
  • New headlamps with bulb or LED DRLs, optional depending on versions

At the rear, the new lights echo the styling upgrade.