• Expert Van

Peugeot Expert

The Peugeot Expert utility van offers a whole host of features thanks to its new platform, designed to make your working life easier and meet your every need.


 Features and benefits


Thanks to its Moduwork bench seat, the Expert van offers excellent levels of modularity to help you make the most of any unoccupied seats. The side passenger seat, for example, can be lifted up to create a space with a flat bottom.

The large hatch incorporated into the partition can be opened up to increase the usable length to 4m for carrying long objects.


The Peugeot Expert van combines compact exterior dimensions with maximised load capacities, so vital in this segment.

Panel and Crew van versions can be specified with 50/50 rear 180° glazed swing doors with heated rear windows and wash-wipe. Alternatively, an optional tailgate is available.

Swing doors can open to 250°, meaning that you do not need to encroach upon road space when loading and unloading. This option is available with the Long model and will not interfere with the opening of the sliding side doors.


The multi-function camera in the Peugeot Expert van recognises speed limit signs and alerts the driver of them on the instrument panel and/or on the head-up display. The speed read is suggested to you as the set-point value for your speed limiter or cruise control, if it is activated.


The rear-view camera is activated automatically when the vehicle is put in reverse and provides a 180° aerial view of the rear of the van and its surroundings.

The rear view includes guidelines that turn with the wheel. If there are any obstacles to the rear of the vehicle the system will automatically zoom in, with additional views available on demand.

Active Safety Brake is an automatic emergency braking system that intervenes if it detects an imminent collision. The camera and radar can detect both mobile and fixed obstacles. In this case, should the driver fail to brake, either sufficiently or at all, the system automatically triggers the braking system, helping to prevent a collision when travelling at less than 18mph, or to reduce the impact of a collision by reducing the impact speed when travelling above this speed.



The distinctive design of the Peugeot Expert van conveys robustness and elegance.

The front end, cab and load area all in perfect proportion. The minimalist lines highlight the flow and modernity of the contours while the new vertical grille, positioned high up on the vehicle, enhances the appeal of this immediately recognisable van.

Finally, the Look Pack with its signature LED lighting will bring an additional touch of elegance to your business.