Dobies Charitable Trust

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In 1997, Dobies Charitable Trust was established. The main aim of the Charitable Trust is to help and support local initiatives, which benefit Cumbria by awarding grants. It is usually used to support organisations ran by local people, with an objective of benefiting the local community in the long term. The emphasis is placed upon supporting projects in deprived areas, groups of people disadvantaged through mental or physical health, sport and extracurricular activities for the young.

The Trust is not used to support individuals or to support national charities without a real benefit to Cumbria. This is to reflect the link felt between the Trust and the area within which Dobies have operated since the early 1970's.

Since the birth of the Trust over £250,000 has been donated to support the Cumbrian community.

Sarah Newton, Manager, Dobies Charitable Trust - Email -

Charity registration number: 1057846